Portfolio of Projects*

Social Networking Strategy for a Global Retailer of Industrial Products

Providing strategic guidance and on-going content creation for a large retailer of industrial products wanting to expand brand awareness through on-line social networks


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Product Naming for a Global Leader in Industrial Chemical Development

Developing product naming strategies and rationales for a new product line of high-performance chemistry

Integrated Branding Program for a Manufacturer of Automated Equipment

Creating a positioning platform, trade show strategy, tag line, and multiple collateral materials for a mid-sized manufacturer seeking to increase market share and brand awareness


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New Business Launch for Music Industry Product Line

Guiding an entrepreneur through the process of naming his new business and developing a nomenclature strategy for current and anticipated products

This Duck™ brand brochure was designed to persuade big-box super-buyers to expand their Duck brand purchases to encompass a wider variety of offerings, cross-selling a comprehensive selection of branded products. The cleverly pocketed mini-brochure took on a life of its own as a consumer-friendly give-away at the annual Duck Tape Festival and regional fairs, expanding consumer awareness of the Duck brand.

Client: The Henkel Corporation
Concept and Creative Direction: David Hlebcar
Strategic Content Development: J.F. Durante
Designer: Mark Wilcox

This AMPSŪ Monomer technology brochure was developed to work on multiple levels, inspiring potential

OEM marketing managers with new capabilities that might enhance their products while educating OEM chemists and process managers about specific chemical properties and how they might be expected to function in industry-specific formulations.

Client: The Lubrizol Corporation
Concept and Creative Direction: David Hlebcar
Strategic Content Development: J.F. Durante
Designer: Mark Atwood

This Garland E-Brochure was developed to transition the company's traditional collateral to an on-line format more useful to its younger sales representatives, while allowing the company to continue producing a limited number of traditional print brochures for its more senior reps.

Client: The Garland Company, Inc.
Strategic Content Development: J.F. Durante
Jennifer Cea

This Albums Advertising Campaign was developed to demonstrate management commitment to improving customer service. Execution required exploratory interviews with a number of employee owners in an effort to identify stories that would give customer service an authentic, human face.

Client: Gregory Marketing Communications
Concept and Strategic Content Development: J.F. Durante
Creative Director: David Hlebcar
Photography: Martin Ruben Photography

This Electric Furnace Print Ad represents one of those rare occasions when the client instantly responded to an initial concept that was then implemented with only the most modest of modifications.

Client: Gregory Marketing Communications
Concept and Strategic Content Development: J.F. Durante
Creative Director: David Hlebcar
Designer and Illustrator: Russell Hirth

APC Party Invitation

The Advertising Production Club (APC) of Cleveland was among the first organizations to take advantage of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum as a dynamic party venue. This 50 Year Anniversary invitation was a delightful collaborative effort designed to do justice to the venue, and to the RPC's awesome history in Cleveland!

Client:Gregory Marketing Communications
Concept and Strategic Content Development: J.F. Durante
Creative Director: David Hlebcar
With a Little Help from a Lot of Friends!

Hauserman Direct Mail

We were privileged to work with famed designer Massimo Vignelli on an integrated marketing campaign for a high-end furniture manufacturer. Not surprisingly, the style and grace of this amazing work remains vibrant and intriguing three decades later.

Client:Hauserman Ltd.
Concept and Creative Direction: Doug Stead
Copy: J.F. Durante
Designer: Vignelli Associates
Pop-Up Illustrator: David Dunkelburger
Ad Design: Milton Glaser

Caterpillar Lift Truck Direct Mail

This direct mail campaign was devised to engender dealer excitement over a new truck design whose best differentiator in a crowded playing field was its innovative operator compartment.

Client: Caterpillar Lift Trucks
Concept, Creative Direction and Design: David Hlebcar
Strategic Content Development: J.F. Durante

Lubrizol Anglamol 2099G Product Launch Campaign

This program launched a major new additive technology for The Lubrizol Corporation, and involved the creative development of a wide array of marketing and sales support tools for use worldwide - from an educational binder with technically informative inserts and an educational DVD, to positioning language for a web site, print ad, PowerPoint, and pass-through promotions.

Client: The Lubrizol Cororation
Creative Concept and Copy Development: J.F. Durante
Designer: Bill Reid

The Garland Company E-Newsletter

Generating content for this on-going series of quarterly e-newsletters required a combination of editorial guidance, secondary-source research, interviews with technical experts, and development and implementation of a review and approval process for both copy and photography.

Client: The Garland Company, Inc.
Editorial Guidance & Strategic Content Dvlpmt.: J.F. Durante

Feature Stories for The Cleveland Play House and Alzheimer's Association of Greater Cleveland Newsletter

Joanne launched her writing career by volunteering her services to various organizations in the Greater Cleveland area, thereby building a portfolio of work to demonstrate her capabilities. Some of her earliest assignments were undertaken for what was then the Women's City Club of Cleveland and Gardenview Horticultural Park. During the later 1980s, she was the editor of the membership publication for the Alzheimer's Association of Greater Cleveland, for which she contributed in-depth feature stories, such as this one, every quarter for nearly three years. During the early 1990s, she routinely researched and developed feature stories for The Cleveland Play House membership newsletter, such as the one shown here. Other non-profits that have benefited from our services include Kaliope Stage, the Chesterland Historical Foundation, Menorah Park, and Eliza Jennings. Currently, we are providing strategic marketing support to the Geauga Arts Network Group (GANG), the Great Geauga County Fair Band, and The Musical Theater Project (TMTP).

Pro-Bono Client: The Cleveland Playhouse
Content Creation: J.F. Durante

Pro-Bono Client: Alzheimer's Assoc. of Greater Cleve.
Strategic Consultant, Editor, Writer: J.F. Durante

Knowledge Retention Document Repository for Family-Owned Business

A small, privately owned service business in the road rehabilitation sector sought our assistance in ensuring the retention of all technical and operational knowledge related to their unique business. We are in the process of creating a comprehensive database documenting all procedures related to the sales, construction, and administrative portions of their thriving enterprise.

Computerized Document Processing Consultant: Nicholas Bucur

Specification Documents for a Manufacturer of Commercial Construction Materials

A mid-sized manufacturer in the commercial construction arena used our expertise to increase the accuracy and consistency of its various product specification documents, enabling its sales force to spend more time selling and less time administering paperwork.

On-Line Training for Organization Providing Mobile Technical Services Worldwide

A large retailer of industrial products wanted its diverse range of existing training, documentation, and marketing documents consolidated into a consistent style and format for easy off-site access by field operators around the world.

Computerized Document Processing Consultant: Nicholas Bucur

Master Prospectus for a Construction Industry Manufacturer/Distributor

A mid-sized manufacturer and distributor in the commercial construction arena requested our help in summarizing and consolidating information about its available products, services, and technical expertise into a single prospectus that then could be custom re-created by deleting irrelevant sections for customer-specific sales presentations.

Computerized Document Processing Consultant: Nicholas Bucur

Multi-Media Training for a Global Technical Trade Organization

This large international trade association requested our support in researching and originating content for a series of multimedia technical training tools incorporating video, traditional workbooks, and lab-based activities.

Computerized Document Processing Consultant: Nicholas Bucur


 Click here for sample Reputation Management video.

YouTube Video Series for Reputation Management

This video is one of several developed to reinforce the primary differentiators of The Garland Company's business model and reflect its positive reputation in the markets it serves.


Documentary to Raise Public Awareness of Alzheimer's Disease

This ground-breaking video was one of the first in the nation to explore Alzheimer's Disease from the perspective of those experiencing it. Inside Looking Out remains in circulation more than 20 years after its original release. Click here for Excerpts from Inside Looking Out.


Marketing Program on Geothermal Heating and Cooling for Energy Company

Developed for use at a home show, this video helped educate consumers to the many benefits of geothermal systems through the use of a humorous cartoon character who resides underground.


Marketing to Promote County-Based Tourism

This program was used by a Northeast Ohio county to introduce potential tourists, convention planners, and businesses to the many attractions of their locale.


Image Program to Promote Private Health Insurer

Requiring extensive in-depth interviews and a mosaic-style construction of integrated stories, this program was developed to help persuade legislators and influencers of the value brought by private health insurers to the American healthcare system.


Consumer-Based Training for Power Equipment Manufacturer

This program was developed to help assure that consumers purchasing the manufacturer's equipment would be able to operate it safely and easily.




*All content and trademarks used in the project samples remain the exclusive ownership of the clients who produced them and cannot be shared or repurposed in any way without the written permission of their owners.

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